Why I dont like to cook!


I have this problem, I have to eat. I have this other problem, I don’t like to cook. It seems like every time I try, some little demon from hell wants to remind me what his future is going to be by spitting hot grease on me. However, the ladies who come out to the pier where I work have discovered my dire circumstances and bless me with their great platters of fine cuisine and along with there distant cousins, Marie Callander and Mrs. Stoffer I get by fine. (Thank you Lord for microwaves.)

Now most ladies have a recipe book that they have added to over the years as a backup and they love to share their favorite ones, if you don’t believe it just go on Facebook. My point is that great food comes with a lot of practice and we should expect no less when we want to participate in the feast that the Lord Jesus lays out before us. For He will give us our daily bread but to get the full flavor of the meal  that He has prepared for us we have to study the recipe book, The Bible, otherwise we will be left just eating life sustaining meals and missing out on the fine cuisine dinning that He wants us to enjoy.

I remind myself of this by calling someone a couple times a week and going out to a fine restaurant! Enjoy your next meal!

As always feel free to share and comment.

In Him, Mike

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  1. Becky Wall says:

    I put together a combination family cookbook and photo album. The title page of each section (meats, salads, cakes, cookies, pies, etc.) is covered with the photos of one of the family members (Mom and Dad are together) and that family member’s kids. Your analogy talks about our daily bread and He also prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies. Our cups run over. We are not to be satisfied with the milk of the Word but are to mature to the meat of the Word. That’s the only way gluttony is acceptable. Keep on cookin’ and especially keep on eatin’.

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