When the King commands the spirit to be free.


There’s a land beyond the river

In the gospel song “There is a Land beyond the river” there is a verse that has a line that says “when the king commands the spirit to be free.” What a message, I wish I could sing like that , who knows maybe someday I will. Enjoy.

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In Him, Mike

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4 Responses to When the King commands the spirit to be free.

  1. Paul Fowler says:

    Mike I have never heard that song before. Thanks for sharing it with me .I hope everything is well with you. Hows the fishing? we are still looking for place there.

  2. Ginny Vazquez says:

    I enjoyed that, I’ve never heard it either, thanks. I know your heart sings, Mike, and that is the important thing. May that family circle not be broken in the sweet by and by. Daddy sings bass, mama sings tenor, me and my brothers will join right in there, in the sky, Lord, in the sky.

    • michaelschultz says:

      That is a cool song, I know you and your kids could sing. If you do send me a video. Im always singing in my heart. Love you guys.

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