The Lord will provide-Humor and Truth


The Lord will provide-Humor and Truth

Most of us are always fretting over something whether it is wondering  how are we going to pay our bills or what is our future is going to be. What ever it is usually a few months later we can look back and wonder why we wasted so much time on the things that occupied our time past while we take on a new set of problems to occupy our present time. Here is a short story to remind us that the Lord provides.

A chicken hawk and a buzzard were sitting in a tree overlooking a farmer’s flock of chickens. The chicken hawk was getting anxious, for naturally chickens were his favorite thing in God’s creation, and he said to the buzzard, lets fly down and have some chicken for dinner. The buzzard just replied, no the Lord will supply. The chicken hawk said He is providing, just look at all those chickens. Come on, lets fly down and catch one! The buzzard said, No the Lord will supply. Well the chicken hawk replied, I am not waiting any longer and flew down to the farmers flock of chickens. Naturally the chickens were not happy to see him and were running around making a lot of noise that got the farmers attention. The farmer ran out of his house and seeing the chicken hawk attacking his chickens grabbed his shot gun and he shot and killed the chicken hawk who fell out in the middle of his pasture. The buzzard just smiled and said, I told you the Lord will provide!

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In Him, Mike


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3 Responses to The Lord will provide-Humor and Truth

  1. Becky Wall says:

    That’s what happens when we try to do things our way. We get shot down.

  2. Sally King says:

    I enjoyed that story.

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