The answer to Violence and Rudeness? (Humor)


The answer to Violence and Rudeness? (Humor)

First of all I am not advocating this under any circumstances!!!!>

A few years ago I was at a truck stop in western Colorado drinking a cup of coffee and they had a little book on the counter for the customers to read that consisted of short stories that was written by a local cowboy poet. (Local in Colorado can be within a 500 hundred mile radius.) The writer had this thought provoking theory in which he stated that he believed that everyone should have the right to shoot and kill one person in their lives with no questions asked. (I know and again I am not advocating this.) Here is his reasoning behind his point of view. He said to just think about how nice everyone would be to one another, no rude waiters or rude customers, your kids would never talk back to you, husbands and wives would really love one another, no one would cut you off in traffic, nobody would cheat you, and politicians would do what was best and keep their promises all because you never would know who had used their one (magic bullet.) You could add your own long list of things to this list. Myself I think we should just pray and forgive!

Feel free to comment, I think I might get quite a few comments on this. Also feel free to share.

In Him, Mike

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  1. Becky Wall says:

    It’s a thought most of us entertain but would never do. As long as Satan is alive and well, there will be people who are less than nice. But his day is coming and we would all like a piece of him. But Christ gets the honors.

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