Sad but True


One of my distant relatives was a pastor of a large church in Columbus, Ohio for over 35 years.He was telling me that he was entrusted with a special account in which he could give a small amount of money, under one hundred dollars, to help anyone who was having a hard time or had an immediate unplanned emergency. He said that most of the time the people in need were just passing through to a different location and had run out money or had car trouble,etc. Over the course of time he said that he had helped thousands of people and that all without exception would promise to send the money back when they arrived at their destination. What percentage of people do you think sent the money back? I guessed about one third. Wrong he said with a sad face, not one person. Sad but true. Don’t be weary in well doing.

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  1. Paul says:

    Most people care only about them self , and don’t care what happens to any body else. It is a shame that we treat each other the way we do.

  2. marie fiske says:


  3. marie fiske says:

    Now it works

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