Revenge or Restitution, Restortation and Redemption

022There is probably not one person amongst us that has not been hurt or cheated by someone. It could be a spouse, a long time friend, or God forbid one of your own children. How we handle it determines if we will have more conflict or if we will have peace in our future. The first reaction that we have is revenge. We would wish we could pray down a lightning bolt down on the one that has done us wrong. However that is not the best solution as good as it seems to be at the moment it appears to you. Look at the prisons and see how many people are incarcerated by following this approach. Then look at how many of the offended people are being tormented by loosing the caring and loving  relationship of the offender. This is where the hurt and pain comes in and out of frustration we want to extract a pound of flesh as our payment for so called justice. We demand continual restitution by not forgiving the offender. Right or wrong; this has never and will never bring peace to the one who has been offended. By forgiving; the broken fellowship can be restored which can lead to the final step which is complete redemption. I can truly say that this works, but only because of having the same experience given to me by our Lord Jesus Christ. Brothers and sisters we are commanded to forgive. Try it and see what happens and watch the Lord work and restore that broken fellowship.

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