Rest in Peace.

You have seen the headstones with this engraving on them that says rest in peace. Well lets hope not! I used to have a friend who had this vision of heaven as sitting by the river of life and dangling his feet in it and walking on streets of gold. Well that will be nice for a day or so but knowing myself I would become bored in a day or two and then my God given coureosity would creep in. Like where are the headwaiters of this magnificent river and where do the streets lead to. My self I am quite content now walking down a red dirt path in the middle of a forest or riding up the black waters of the St. John’s river in Florida, but after that I get pleasure out of reading a book and especially meeting new people.  Then there are the cool clear nights of star gazing and wondering what it would be like to visit the various galaxies, especially with some close friends, or maybe someone you have only known for say 5000 years. Sound absurd? Think about it. If God can let us imagine it then there is in all likelihood it is real. Curiosity might kill the cat but it is the thing that motivates man and will throughout eternity. The Mars rover is named curiosity and I can’t think of a more appropriate name for it. Without curiosity there would be no science and science is nothing more than trying to figure out how God does things. Well my fellow believers in our Lord Jesus Christ I could go on for a long time on this subject but I just want to encourage you to not to imagine heaven as some form of sitting on a cloud playing a harp in some kind of suspended form but rather a life that goes on for eternity and travel experiences that go to infinity and all of this with no sadness,sickness, sin or sorrow. So I hope you don’t Rest in Peace.

Now if you are not a believer, well that is another story. You will not Rest in Peace either!

As always feel free to comment and share.

In Him, Mike 


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One Response to R.I.P

  1. Becky Wall says:

    I believe we will fly and be able to swim underwater without dying because there will be no more death. I also believe we will be able to talk with the animals much like Balaam conversed with his donkey. When Jesus took on His new human form after His resurrection, He was able to walk through a door. I think that is a possibility also. Philip was able to be “transported” away from the eunuch after baptizing him, like “Beam me up, Scottie.”

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