Praying for money (Humor)


Most people over the course of their lives have had financial difficulties and had to cry out to God.

Here is the story of two men praying to God and see if you can determine who had his prayer answered first.

There was a wealthy man who had a payment coming due on a large loan that he owed. The amount owed was one hundred thousand dollars and  if he couldn’t pay it he would loose everything. After much worrying he decided to go to the local church and cry out to God for help. When he knelt down at the alter he started to cry out over and over, God I need a hundred thousand dollars or I am going to loose everything I own. After a few minutes a poor man came and knelt down next to him, for he too was in need of a financial miracle or he would lose everything he had, only he only needed a hundred dollars. So he started crying out to God with a much louder voice that the rich man. After a short period of time the rich man reached in his pocket and gave the poor man a hundred dollar bill and the poor man left the church praising God for answering his prayer. Then the rich man said, “God, now that I have your undivided attention!”

Sometimes when we are crying out to God for ourselves we can still be used to fill the need of someone who also is crying out to Him.

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In Him, Mike

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