Prayer works, but not always the way we think.

Prayer does work.

Sometimes I think that God has a sense of humor. Just a few short days ago our illustrious leader was wanting to attack the leader of Syria for using chemical weapons on his own people. Now I will grant you this guy in Syria has not won many friends over his life in politics (like father like son) but war weary Americans had spoken loud and clear that this was not our fight and if the so called rest of the world was so eager to get him out let them do it. But it looked like our president was determined to go against the overwhelming majority of the people of our country as he hummed bombs away.

Mean while the new Pope, (although I am not a member of the Catholic church I am really starting to like him) calls for a day of fasting and prayer for the Syrian problem. A lot of you, myself included must have taken him up on his request for two days later there are talks of Syria getting rid of their chemical weapons. Now this great plan was brokered by none other than the great peace maker himself, Vladimir Putin. I find this quite amusing but…. God did answer our prayer!

One more thing to make you smile we now have Dennis Rodman going into North Korea and calling the dictator his friend. Lets hope this works out, at least he can get him to talk. We live in strange times don’t we? I guess it is like Paul said, Consider your calling how not many wise or noble are called. I must be one of them for I can not figure this out!

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In Him, Mike

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