People, Places, and Things

076When you look on your Facebook page the top line has a box that says people, places, and things. I was reminded of a conversation I had years ago and these three subjects were discussed. When you look back at your life the things that you have had seem to be the least enjoyable. They are either worn out, been replaced, or stolen. The places you have visited are a little more memorable as they leave a larger impression on our mind. However the people you have met over the years, especially the ones that have developed into a lasting friendship will leave the biggest impact on your life. They can be family or friends. Just watch two long time friends when they meet and look at the glow that radiates from their faces as they reminisce about various shared experiences. Now think about our Lord, the one who is not ashamed to call us His friends and who knew us before we were born and think about that reunion. People the greatest gift given to man by God.

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