Music: A cheap way to be happy


I have a friend and a sister in the lord whom I respect very much, however I must admit that her and I have one thing that we do not agree on and that is our taste in music.  Her concept of greetings when she enters into heaven is that Lawrence Welk and his band will be playing how great thou are, while mine is Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs picking  when the saints go marching in on the banjo.  I will reluctantly concede that she probably has more people who agree with her than I do but she concedes that when you watch a group of people listening to Flatt and Scruggs  these people seem to be happier just by observing the automatic toe tapping that takes place.  This is why I love the body of Christ.  It consist of such a variety of people and callings of our Lord starting from the apostles, Luke the doctor., Matthew the tax collector, Peter the fisherman, and Paul the scholar all great men who gave all for the cause of Christ.

What ever music makes you happy remember it is another free gift from God like watching a sunrise, (check out my sunrise videos under my picture). But what do we expect, after all our salvation is a free gift from God.Music, it can sooth the soul as was in the case when King Saul was tormented and future King David would slip in and play for him to ease his troubled spirit. It can be used to lead an army into battle or to calm a colic baby as it’s mother holds it to her chest and sings an Irish lullaby. It can bring back fond or sad memories. It is one of the greatest gifts that our Lord has given us. That is the reason that I like the old time hymns. Enjoy the free gift from our God.   The best things in life are really free. Here are some you tube links to music that make me tap my feet. Enjoy.

Now if that don’t make you smile you might have been baptized in lemon juice.

Here is a link about the life and murder of Stringbean.

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In Him, Mike

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