029Music, it can sooth the soul as was in the case when King Saul was tormented and future King David would slip in and play for him to ease his troubled spirit. It can be used to lead an army into battle or to calm a colic baby as it’s mother holds it to her chest and sings an Irish lullaby. It can bring back fond or sad memories. It is one of the greatest gifts that our Lord has given us. That is the reason that I like the old time hymns. Enjoy the free gift from our God.

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3 Responses to Music

  1. Pat Schultz says:

    Its funny sometimes which music makes us happy. Of course we feel peaceful or joyful with psalms & worship music. But I still get happy (even when I am feeling really bad) when I hear the music of my teens (60s). I can be in a store & find myself dancing down the isles. I agree that music is a special gift of God.

    • michaelschultz says:

      Me too and it is free. I can even sing in the shower and believe I am great even when we all know what my musical talents are.

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