Lawyers, Nobody likes them until they need one!


Lawyers, Nobody likes them until they need one.

My attorney’s secretary made this statement to me years ago and she went on to say when someone  is charged with a serious crime they are willing to pay serious money to get found not guilty whether they are guilty or not. Well my fellow believers we are also always being accused by the one who is called the accuser of the breathen (the devil). Now there is no doubt that it is entrapment for he sets the temptation in front of us and when we fall for it we are immediately accused as being a sinner in front of God. I know that it don’t sound fair but it is the way it is. So God says we have sinned and we are separated from Him, or guilty as charged. But then our attorney, Jesus Christ steps in and says wait a moment Your Honor, or Father, I paid the price for this persons sin and I therefore find him not guilty  for by your own word that says he who believes in me and ask for forgiveness  shall be found not guilty and I submit that the record not only be destroyed but never to be brought up again. God says; agreed upon for I can not go against my own word so I have separated his sins as far as the east is from the west and I will never remember them again! And so in this life if you need to be  represented in court hire yourself a good attorney but remember the day is coming when we stand before God you will also need good representation, I highly recommend Jesus Christ!

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In Him, Mike

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2 Responses to Lawyers, Nobody likes them until they need one!

  1. Paul says:

    Hello Buddie very good story, I sure am glad we have someone to stand up for us and we don’t have to depend on plane old man. How are you doing and how is the fishing? Talk later.

  2. Becky Wall says:

    That’s reassuring for Christians. I am on Chapter 9 of your book. One thing that stood out for me personally was when you were told you didn’t have enough faith and that’s why bad things were happening to you. I was told the same thing many years ago — by my sister, of all people. It was very hurtful. It’s amazing how people kick you when you’re down, and they can even be other Christians.

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