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Think about this. The food stamp program has increased from 37 million to 47 million in four years. Now the national park service has signs posted in their parks that say please do not feed the animals. The reason, the animals will become dependent on the free food and will not learn to take care of themselves. ????????????

Now a recent report says than believers in God are not as intelligent as non believers. Who is running this mess, believers or non believers??????

Just Thinking.

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In Him, Mike


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  1. Becky Wall says:

    The numbers have increased on the food stamp role because people have lost their jobs and cannot find another. Or they do not earn enough to pay the bills. In many cases the new ones on food stamps once said they would never lower themselves to such a humiliating position and that they wanted no part of needing charity. But in the end they have to eat. There is fraud with food stamps but there is more fraud in the corporate world and just as much or more in the political arena. There are hundreds of verses in the Bible that mandate us to help the poor. When I hear people discuss the poor, they are usually bashing them. They should walk in the shoes of the poor. Then they might see things differently. However, when I see the poor smoking cigarettes, drinking booze and sporting tattoos, I think a whole lot less of them but I am concerned for their children because I know they are doing without because of the actions of their parents. Having said that, historically this is what people do when they are poor. They get so depressed that they do not think clearly and they do things to give them a lift from the constant worry and sadness. Sorry I got carried away here.

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