If you were tried for being a Christian, would you be convicted?

If you were tried for being a Christian, would you be convicted?

Prosecutor: Lucifer:

Chief witness for prosecution: Demons of Hell

Defendant: Man

Defense attorney: Gabriel

Chief witness for defense: Jesus Christ

Judge: God

Think if you were on trial for being a Christian. Since it is a capital case the results would not be that you would be sentenced to death upon conviction but just the opposite, you would be given life eternal upon conviction. (For the things of this world are contrary to the things of God.) I would hope you would want to be convicted, in the natural and the spirit. For upon conviction you will be awarded life eternal.

Now as with any trial, the prosecution presents its case first and the chief prosecutor is Lucifer who has numerous demons who will present their case against you. First one testifies that you told a lie, next that you had thoughts of lust, next you had stole a pencil from work, next you cheated in business, next you cheated on your taxes and after many, many more the final argument was that you came from a long line of criminals in your family history going all the way back to your first ancestors, Adam and Eve, so  that there is no way that you are any different for it is impossible to be anything else. Then He quotes from the Bible, “for all have sinned and there is none righteous, no not one!” So then Your Honor you must acquit and send him to me where I will take him into my care forever.

Now the defense steps in and starts its defense by bringing forth many angles that testify of the good deeds you have done, how you helped someone across the street, how you helped your neighbor who was in need, that you never murdered anyone, how you worked hard to support your family. Now he would like to call Jesus Christ to testify. Jesus testifies that you had asked Him into your heart, recently or a long time past and since you had done that you were His and all your transgressions are not only forgiven but forgotten and you are His because, as He looked at the judge, you God, have given him to Me and no one can take him from Me. Now since you have given him to me you must convict for you have said in your Word that you can not go against it, so you must convict.

God, after hearing the evidence I hereby convict the defendant and command him to be sentenced to life ever after.

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In Him, Mike



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  2. Paul says:

    Hello Mike, Very good story, and very true. I hope you are well, we will be there in about 5 weeks, so get the fish ready. Paul

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