I made a mistake!


I was wrong!

In my post about the song Precious Lord I said it was written by Tommy Dorsey, the big band leader from the 1930′s and 40′s. Although the person was named Tommy  Dorsey it was not the big band leader but an African American named Thomas Andrew Dorsey who was born in Villa Rica, Ga. in 1899. My deepest apologies go out to everyone. You can check this out on scopes at this link. It is still a very interesting story. I would like to thank my very dear friend Sis Nita for pointing this out to me.


In Him, Mike

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2 Responses to I made a mistake!

  1. Sis Nita says:

    Read snopes account sent it out with your Web Site address…
    Thought the additional facts were interesting…
    We’re always out for the whole truth, right Bro. Mike???

    Appreciate the encouragement your site sends forth…

    God Bless

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