Heaven vs. Hell

001Some of you might have heard this. A man was praying and asked God to show him the difference between heaven and hell. The Lord replied and said OK and showed him a long table with people standing on both sides of it.Upon the table was every delicacy that could be imagined. The man seeing this said Lord this must be heaven where as the Lord said no this is hell. If you observe you will notice that everyone there has the same problem, they can not bend their elbows or their backs making it impossible to partake of this feast. Then the Lord showed him another room with the same scenario. The table with the food piled high and the people with the very same affliction. The Lord said this is heaven. The man, being confused, said Lord it is the same as hell. The Lord said watch and observe. As the man watched he saw the people reach down and retrieve the food and reach across the table and feed the person across from him. It is really quite simple isn’t it?

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