God’s Soldiers

028-001God’s Soldiers

Having served in the military during the unpopular war of Viet Nam I thought I would share the similarities of being a soldier and being a Christian. I want to make it clear that I was not sent to Viet Nam but to Germany but only by pure luck. However anyone who has served will tell you that they are all trained to defend themselves, their fellow soldier, their homeland, while doing as much damage to their enemy as they possibly can. It is a very unpleasant business that was initiated by Lucifer who gets extreme pleasure from all the suffering that He can place upon all who are involved in it while making some of His chosen people wealthy beyond imagination.  It has been going on since Cain and Able and will continue until the return of our Lord, the “Prince of Peace.” 

When a person is called to serve in the military or chooses to serve, the first thing that is required is that they lay aside all their other problems and cares while they go through a major training process called basic training. Not a pleasant experience. During this time your former status as a civilian is made null and void. You are now a soldier being trained to work as a team for one common cause and that is victory and make no mistake the only armies that are victorious are unified in the belief of their cause.

Now when a man comes to God it is much the same way as joining the military, or he might be one who was not planning on joining  but was drafted as in my case both in the army and calling of God. Either way he will go through an extensive training period, new clothes, definitely a new hair style, he will be equipped with the latest gear and be required to maintain that gear as long as he has been entrusted with it. Our gear is listed in eph:6:11-17. and we are commanded to use it all. “Put on the whole armor of God”. Our mission is to  attack  the gates of hell, to open them and free those who have been captured, for the gates of hell are a permanent fixture that hold many in captivity. We are called to set the captives free and by doing so we are free ourselves.

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In Him Mike


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  1. Paul Fowler says:

    Hello Mike, enjoyed the writing today, glad to see your happy mug shot you have added. We will be there in about 3 weeks. See you later.

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