God’s music by Linda Randle

keep your faith and

Music with Linda Randle

When I was in the eight grade I was given my one and only music lesson. The teacher called me up and told me to make a sound that sounded like this. She commenced to blow into this thing that was sawed on an angle. I would try but never quite could master what she was expecting so after fifteen minutes she told me to just sit in the back and use the rest of the time as a study hall. Over the years I never mastered the art of being known as a master of one of the greatest gift that God has given to man. However God has blessed me with a gift of knowing if music is out of key but I haven’t been given the gift of knowing what is wrong and I have no idea of how to solve the problem. I enjoy most all types of music with the exception of hard rock and rap. I am especially  fond of anointed gospel music. There are a lot of gospel singers but some have that special gift that opens up the windows of heaven and draws you up to give you a glimpse of heaven that you have never experienced. Linda Randle is one of those singers.

One Day, the first song on the album:

Most days I pray but some days I curse, a number of times I put myself first

The second is God of the mountain.

Here is a link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLDUDNYLg3k

Keep on singing, I still do for the Bible says to make a joyful noise to the Lord.

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In Him, Mike


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