God, the Mosquito, and Man

040God, the Mosquito, and Man

In my book, God, the Mosquito, and Man, a lot of people are always asking me what the mosquito is doing in the title. I thought I would just send you the first pages to try to explain it.

God, the Mosquito, and Man

Chapter One

God: All powerful, all knowing, all present. What can be written about Him that has not already been discussed or talked about over the ages? Discussions that have taken place over campfires to pass away the time while trying to keep warm, inside foxholes when death might be eminent, inside bar rooms under the influence of too much alcohol to have any reasonable amount of rational understanding, or while lying on your death bed waiting for the last breath, at which time you will know the answers to this age old question.  Some say He does not exist; others are willing to lose their lives for Him! Some have made fortunes because of Him, some have lost their fortunes because of Him and yet others have given their fortunes to Him. There have been more discussions about Him, more books about Him and more songs about Him than any other. Yet man still questions if He exist and if He does, why does He tolerate all of the tragedy, the sorrow, the pain, and suffering if He is such a loving God?

The Mosquito: An annoying little creature that seems to have been put here on earth with the sole purpose of interfering with our relationship between man and his God. You might say they are a lot like demons and man questions the very purpose of their existence. They have the ability to influence the friends of man in many ways. They are known to carry major diseases but when they infect the friend of man, that infected man can be used by them to influence man in his spirit and relationship with his God while inducing suffering in his physical body. They are led by the King of Mosquitos, Lucifer, Satan, or more commonly known as the Devil. Although He opposes everything that God stands for he is not the opposite of God but the opposite of Michael and Gabriel, the obedient arc angels. The King Mosquito also shared in that high and trusted position at one time. His existence, like God is also questioned by man.

Man: Created by God to have fellowship with Him, but was robbed of that fellowship by the King Mosquito. Man is always questioning, sometimes cursing, sometimes praying but is always in turmoil over his own existence. It has been going on since the creation of man and will continue until the very end that God has ordained that it shall cease and the fellowship be restored.

A part of chapter two.

Friend of Man: Well if there were a God, I would tell Him to His face that he sure wasted a lot of time and energy creating something as worthless as the mosquito. Think about it, you cannot think of any reason for their existence. They do not pollinate anything and there certainly is no beauty in their form. When was the last time anyone ever looked at a mosquito and said, oh what a beautiful mosquito? Instead when one lands on us we instinctively swat it. Even the people for the ethical treatment of animals
when they are protesting at some rally will swat the mosquito without a second
thought. I have never met one person who likes the mosquito. The only things that seem to benefit from them are the mosquito hawk and some birds, bats, frogs, and lizards. They wake us up in the middle of the night with their constant humming and we know that if there is one in the room he will not be satisfied or quiet until he has left his mark on our body. Have you ever  watched one when he lands on you? He immediately takes a four legged stance, the front two legs higher in the air, I guess for traction. He then slowly bows his head like he is getting ready to ask God to bless the meal he is about to
receive. As he inserts his proboscis or whatever you call it into your flesh you can watch his stomach turn from a brownish black to a reddish purple. When he is finished he leaves a little raised red mark that will itch and aggravate you the rest of the night reminding you that he has been in touch. Meanwhile the little varmint flies happily away as his wings hum out some happy melody with his belly full of our life giving blood. In addition, God only knows if he has just infected us with some incurable disease.

I wrote this after one of my sons died of cystic fibrosis. See previous post:


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In Him, Mike


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