God making a House

119Some times we are misled when we think about the House of God. If you remember when King David had a passion to build a temple for God and God reminded him that heaven was His throne and earth was His footstool. He then told David that He would make him, David a house, which meant that He would turn David into a place where He, God, could dwell. Over the years man has built some magnificent cathedrals and churches to worship God in, each group trying to out do the other, however God is really not impressed. They are just a place for the church to meet in for God dwells in the hearts of man. So if you are feeling down remember that you are more magnificent than any man made structure that was ever constructed, for you have been built by God as a dwelling place for Him to live in and reveal His glory. For the way to see God is not in a building but in one of God’s people.

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  1. Sis. Nita... says:

    Good Word!

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