If you are fortunate enough to have come from a family that loves you like I am or if you are alone with out anyone remember that our Lord said that he will stay with us through all our trials. Closer than a brother is the term used. He also used the term that He is not ashamed to call us His breathern. He then says later that we are joint heirs and will inherit all things. Think of it, we are in His will because we are a family. This is our promise, to inherit all things. Oh yea, one more thing, we also inherit eternal life! Don’t want to forget about that.

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3 Responses to Family


    Hi Mike:

    So appropriate as I just bought a mobile home for my sister – call me crazy as she has put a job on me many times. I know God and my father would be pleased with me as I should be with myself. I know whatever I have given I have gotten something in return – Hugs

    • michaelschultz says:

      Don’t you tell me that I give to much when you are buying homes for other people. May the Lord bless you for your kind heart>

  2. Nita says:

    Great Mike… Always an encouraging word coming from you…
    You must be in touch with our Father and elder Brother, these words can only be coming from His Holy Spirit!!!
    God B

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