Do you think you have trials?

195A lot of us would like to have the understanding that the Apostle Paul had of the scriptures but have you ever thought of the price he had to pay for the revelation he had. In 2nd Corinthians he relates some things he endured. Five times he received 39 stripes, three times he was beaten with rods and three times he was shipwrecked. That is 11 major cataclysmic events. Then he describes his daily routine,always in peril from robbers, from his own countrymen, in the city, in the wilderness, on the seas and amongst false brethren. He then says he was often weary, in pain, hungry, thirsty, and fasting often. You would think that someone who was hungry a lot would not be fasting often, would you? He then goes on to say besides all that which comes on him daily he has the care of all the churches.  Maybe we should not be complaining so much on our daily journey  with our Lord. I cover more of this in my book God the Mosquito, and Man.

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