Christians and Falconry

024Christians and Falconry

You might wonder how the term Christian and Falconry could go together I thought I would share some insight and try to link the two together.

I am sure as a Christian you have been Fed Up with the constant bombardment of the constant fights that you incur from the enemy of our souls, Lucifer. Other times you might feel he has you Under His Thumb or Wrapped around His Little Finger. These three terms came from falconry, a sport that goes back to medieval times and exist to this day.

Fed Up

When the falcon is resting on ones arm before being released the person would stroke the breast of the falcon and if the falcon was just fed you could feel the breast and it would be protruding out. Thus the term Fed Up.

Under His Thumb

Now as the person who was holding the falcon wanted to  assure the falcon that everything was alright he would take his thumb and place it over the claw of the falcon as a soothing effect. You guessed it, Under His Thumb.

Wrapped Around His Little Finger

Then he would take a small string that was attached to the little finger of his glove and wrap it around the leg of the falcon as sign to the falcon of his complete control over him. While all this was going on the falcon had a small hood over his head  and was eagerly awaiting his release to soar into the heavens, the very thing that God created him for.


Now we as Christians are created to soar above the worldly problems that we see around us and we are called to be as the falcon. The one who is in charge of us is Christ. As He keeps us Fed Up, Under His Thumb and Wrapped around His little Finger the terms take on a whole new meaning to us, rather than being a negative statement they encourage us to soar into the heavens with Him. Enjoy your flight!

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In Him, Mike



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