Christian and being Watched



If you are a Christian you have always been told to do this and not to do that for you are being watched by everyone. There is a measure of truth in that but I would like to add a little more to encourage you in your daily walk. In Heb:11, the chapter that has been appropriately named the faith chapter, we can read about our forefathers  and their trials of faith. Sarah going to be a mother in her nineties. I know some of you ladies would shudder at that thought! When I read the whole chapter I am encouraged with the faith that these saints had and am also reminded that God is no respecter of men and has commissioned us all to walk in faith for without faith it is impossible to please Him. However remember that faith is not blind faith but is called substance and evidence. Heb:11:1 being clearly shown to us in His creation and the inner witness we have from the indwelling Holy Spirit.


Yes we are being watched by those who still dwell here on earth but in Heb:12 we read about the great cloud of witnesses who are surrounding us and cheering us on for they can not be made perfect without us, Heb:11:40. Those who have gone before us are cheering you and I on. Dwell on that and please let me know if that doesn’t encourage you. In Him, Mike


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