Buffaloes and Christians

IMG_0667 I remember as a young child hearing my parents talking how the buffaloes were going to be extinct in a very short time. I forgot how many were left but I remember the number was extremely small. This had happened after the untold vast numbers were slaughtered by man for their hides while the meat was left to rot on the ground. It was almost demonic what had happened to these magnificent animals. Then I was reminded what happened to the church. There was an ungodly plot to eliminate it from the beginning, starting with Jesus Christ to the numerous persecutions going on to this day.Just look at what is going on today and then study church history. Remember history is His- Story.I am happy to report that the buffalo, thanks to mans intervention are back from the edge of extinction. I am also happy to report that the church is doing well thanks to God’s protection. The church was given the promise that the gates of hell would not stand against it. “Not by power, nor by might, but by my spirit saith the Lord.”

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