Bloody Christianty


A Bloody Religion

During the Passover you were required to bring an offering to the Lord for your sins. The priest would take your offering to the alter and slay it and your sins were forgiven for another year as long as you presented the best offering you had, not the weak or sick ones, but the very best. Now I want you to visualize this picture. The long lines of people standing in line to wait their turn to offer up their sacrifices to the Lord. The animals were probably smelling the blood of the previously slain and were not standing passively by so they would be pulling on any restraints that were placed on them. You know as the long line of people and animals, in the thousands, were moving forward the animal excrement was everywhere and along with the blood from the sacrifices the flies would be attracted to the awful stench. It was not a pretty picture! I am glad that our Lord fulfilled this for us by dying on the cross and finished this offering once and for all. This is why the English call Christianity A bloody Religion. Then look through history and see the number of saints who have been required to offer up their own lives for His sake and you can see that it still is a Bloody Religion. But it is my religion and I pray it is yours also.

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In Him, Mike



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2 Responses to Bloody Christianty

  1. Paul says:

    Hello my friend, what a true statement. I wonder if anybody would do the same today to turn our country around? see you in about 6 weeks.

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