Amazing Grace

030Amazing Grace

Believers and unbelievers are familiar with the song Amazing Grace. The best definition of grace is unmerited favor.

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Let us look at it this way. Let us say you and I are best of friends and you were in dire need of $100,000.00 and I, because we have been friends for many  years  loaned you the money and you promised to pay me back upon certain mutually agreed upon terms. A short time later some unforeseen thing happens in your life and you come to me and say, Mike, at this time I can’t pay you back. I say that is ok pay me when you can. Later I come to you and say, you know we have been friends for many years and because of that I forgive the debt. You owe me nothing and not only that I have forgotten about it. I will never bring it up because I have forgotten all about it and you and I will remain best of friends. Does that sound fair? I am sure you would be relieved to not have that burden anymore. Now instead of me, think of Jesus Christ, who is described as a friend who will stay closer than a brother and substitute the $100,000 you owed as sin. Sin is a debt we can not pay but He has paid it for you. It is a debt that  has been paid in full and never will be brought up again for he has forgotten all about. All you have to do is ask Him. Quite a deal isn’t it?  You know you will be singing Amazing Grace all day today, don’t you? Amazing Grace, how sweet the song.

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In Him, Mike

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