A soldier being betrayed by his commander and chief.


When you read the account of Uriah the Hittite in 2nd:samuel:11 http://www.biblestudytools.com/kjv/2-samuel/11.html  you can’t help but stand in awe at his loyalty to his commander in chief even though I believe he was completely understanding of the present situation he was facing. Remember that he was a converted gentile but his heart was for Israel and he took his service to God and his king with the kind of passion that few have done through out history.

If you are trying to remember who Uriah was, he was the husband of Bathsheba, the lady who King David spied on as she was purifying herself as instructed by the law of  Israel at the time. King David was not in the place where he should have been, with his army (mistake number 1), so he is on his roof looking down on Bathsheba and “inquires” about her, (mistake number 2), and sends for her, (mistake number 3). Of course when the king summons you, you answer the summons, and King David lays with Bathsheba, (mistake number 4). Now a short time later Bathsheba informs the king that she is pregnant, this was not a mistake but a consequence of bad choices, something we will touch on a little later. (As a foot note think of what Bathsheba must of being going through, for the law said to stone an adulteress.) Now King David rather than admitting his sin tries to cover it up by using the grand plan of having Uriah sent home from the battle field and figures that naturally Uriah will lay with his wife and everyone will think that he is the father, (mistake number 5). A good commander in chief should know all about his greatest soldiers but King David did not know about the integrity of Uriah (mistake number 6) for Uriah refused to go to his own house and told the king that he could not do so as long as the ark of God was in a tent and his fellow comrades were sleeping in an open field. If you have ever served in the military you understand this, if you haven’t, trust me it exist to this day. So Uriah sleeps in the doorway of the king’s palace with the palace guards to help protect the king who was trying to trick him. ( Now here is a most amazing thing. David, years earlier, was adamant about the fact that those on a mission for the king should keep themselves from sexual intercourse. Now, years later, David is amazed that a man on a mission for the king is willing to abstain from sexual intercourse with his wife.) When informed of this the next day the king invites him to have dinner with him that night and starts to give him all the food and wine that Uriah wanted, thinking that a person who was drunk would surely go home to his beautiful wife whom he hadn’t spent any time with in many months, (mistake number 7). Uriah again sleeps with the palace guards. Uriah is sent back to the battle field and King David graduates to a grander scheme, (mistake number 8). He sends word to Joab, the same Joab that David put under a curse for sheading the innocent blood of Abner, to send Uriah to the front of the battle and then retreat leaving Uriah cut off from most of his supporting soldiers where he would surely be killed. King David has now moved up to conspiracy to commit murder, (mistake number 9.) This happens and Uriah is killed, along with some other soldiers who fought valiantly along with him, more innocent victims or consequences of sin. (Mistake number 10), King David is now guilty of premeditated murder!

 Most of you know the rest of the story, King David and Bathsheba marry and the king will raise the child and live happily ever after. I guess if there is a mistake number 11 it is that King David forgot about God in all of this, the God who was with him when he fought Goliath and who protected him from the wrath of Saul. The faithful God who is not always happy with our actions or King David’s for He sent His prophet Nathan, who told the King what he had done and that as a result the new child would die. David prays for the child but the child dies. Later after The king repents he writes the 32nd and 51st psalm. Later King Solomon is born. 

We all have sinned but when we try to cover it up is when things can get way out of control. I can think of a few people that got into more trouble trying to cover up things and I am sure you can to.

If you want to read more on this here is a good presentation on this subject.


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